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Protect Your Margins: Cost Management Event Series

Tracking costs and monitoring risk while keeping your construction project on budget isn’t easy.

Managing cost activities is time-consuming. Data is scattered across multiple systems and various spreadsheets, which further complicates things.

Assessing cash flow and making critical financial decisions based on real-time data is extremely difficult, but with the right technology – one built for managing construction costs – it is possible to not only streamline your cost processes but position your projects for financial success.

Join us with this 3-part webinar series to learn:

  • The positive impact connected processes and data has on your bottom line

  • How Autodesk Construction Cloud can help improve cost control and forecast accuracy to protect profitability

  • The benefits customers see by integrating their ERP/accounting and operations systems

Gain Control Over Cost Overruns: How CPPI Protects Margins with Autodesk

June 29 2023, 4:30pm UTC

Harness the power of technology to protect your margins and maximize profitability on projects.

As a contractor, you’re tasked with overseeing and facilitating several moving parts on a project while trying to protect your financial health. Often, you’re stuck dealing with inefficient processes and data silos, making it hard to manage costs effectively. We’re here to help!

Join Autodesk Construction Cloud for a live webinar, where we talk to Brad Buckles, Director of Technology at Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI), about the challenges they faced related to cost management processes and how to overcome them using technology.

Key Learnings:
  • The importance of effective cost management in construction

  • How touching data once positively impacts profitability

  • Key opportunities technology brings to increase efficiencies through connected workflows.


Brad Buckles

Director of Technology, Charles Perry Partners, Inc.

Esteban Corrales

Sr. Manager, Global Technical Sales, Construction, Autodesk

Why Jacobsen Construction Chooses Autodesk Build for Better Cost Management

July 13 2023, 4:30pm UTC

Changing financial-related processes can feel daunting and disruptive, but the value it brings can significantly outweigh the fear. Join us as Ian Turner, Group Product Manager for Cost Management, speaks with Heather Soderquist, VP of Construction Innovation at Jacobsen Construction. Learn what led Jacobsen Construction to Autodesk Build for enhanced cost management, and how they’re leveraging different aspects of the system for better visibility and control over projects.

In this webinar, you will:
  • Discover what worked with Jacobsen Construction’s technology journey.

  • Explore the value of adopting new technology to protect profits.

  • Get a deep dive on the four most important pillars of cost management with Autodesk Build


Heather Soderquist

VP, Construction Innovation, Jacobsen Construction

Ian Turner

Senior Product Manager, Autodesk

Cassie Bustos

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Best Practices to Successfully Integrate your Cost Management and ERP Systems

July 27 2023, 4:30pm UTC

Why integrate your accounting and operations systems? To save time, enhance collaboration, and gain real-time visibility into project financial health.

Integrations between project management solutions and ERP/accounting systems can simplify financial management, fieldwork, and everything in between. By combining the power of project management and cost control tools, teams can have a solution that meets the requirements of everyone involved in a construction project. But what exactly do these integrations look like? And how can you prepare for a successful integration?

In this webinar, Heather Soderquist, VP of Construction Innovation at Jacobsen Construction, and product experts from Morpheus Technology Group and Autodesk Construction Cloud come together to discuss:

  • The benefits of integrating accounting and operations systems

  • The different types of ERP/accounting integrations available

  • Best practices to get integration-ready and how to overcome roadblocks


Heather Soderquist

VP, Construction Innovation, Jacobsen Construction

Guy Barlow

Director, Strategy and Business Development, Morpheus Technology Group

Josh Cheney

Head of ERP & Financial Partnerships, Autodesk

Tyler Patton

Senior Implementation Consultant, Autodesk

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