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The Big Room

The Big Room is an online community designed for you to collaborate, ideate and grow with other construction professionals and with Autodesk Construction Cloud™. It’s a place for you to enhance your industry knowledge, converse with Autodesk enthusiasts around the world and get recognised for the work you do, day-in and day-out.

Whether you are new to Autodesk Construction Cloud or are a seasoned veteran, you all have a voice in The Big Room.

Accept a challenge

Challenges encourage you to do things like learn new skills or help others inside and outside The Big Room.

Level up and earn rewards

Compete with colleagues and learn from peers! Accumulate points and earn rewards like fun swag and/or memorable experiences.

Be heard

Whether it’s with like-minded people, the Autodesk Construction Cloud team or on stage in front of the industry, The Big Room is a platform for you to share your experience with the world.

Meet construction professionals around the world

Have a question on improving a project workflow or interest in adopting a new technology? Ask and discuss with industry professionals and subject matter experts in The Big Room.

Log in any time, anywhere!

The Big Room is available via desktop and mobile. Either at work or on the go, you can read articles, participate in discussions, complete surveys or have a little bit of fun!