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Kim Arrant

  • Vice President, Business Transformation
  • Knoxville, TN

Meet Kim

Tell me about yourself and what you specialize in. In technology speak, I am a Business Analyst with a foundation of process improvement. I love the challenge of improvement. I love the opportunity to create change in a way that not only solves problems but positions teams to succeed and “win”. I realize and appreciate the value of data and the critical role it plays in developing and executing that win strategy… for all roles, disciplines, functions, tasks and activities.

At APTIM, I have the great privilege to lead an amazing team of professionals that represents a very diverse knowledge base developed from hands on operational experience and backgrounds. Our mission every day is to enable APTIM’s projects… our overall business and business strategy… through the use of technology.

Why do you love working in the construction industry? Results. Tangible, visible, obvious results. It never ceases to amaze me how ubiquitous the construction workflow seems to be in everything we do. Our focus at APTIM is building resiliency, so whether we are installing charging stations, building wetlands, or providing temporary housing in support of a disaster response mission, we use and benefit from construction workflows, concepts, and functionality. Construction workflows and thus construction tools are foundational in our technology roadmap and strategy.

What topics and trends are you most passionate about in the industry? Field to office operational transparency. Any technology and creative innovation focused on the success of the field crew or “front line” users. I firmly believe if we keep our focus razor sharp on their success and safety, then by default we will provide value to our clients and deliver successful projects and programs. One of the topics I enjoy contemplating the most and am always working to position how we might apply and realize value and benefit for our clients…. The Digital Twin.

What advice would you give to the next generation preparing for the future of the industry? Focus on learning to learn. Love to learn. Unhinge your curiosity and give yourself the mental space for creativity and brilliance. These are key factors to your own ability to adapt, grow and create change. At the current speed of change in the world, your ability to adapt is becoming the most important skill you can bring to the table. Don’t focus on how long you have done a task or performed a certain job… focus on how many times you have been part of improving how it is done.


About Kim

Your Superpower Taking ideas to reality

What Motivates You Progress and moving forward

Tool You Can’t Live Without Visio, SIPOC…. (process and data flows)

Best Artist/Song for Work Don’t be a hater… Beethoven (try it sometime!)

Jobsite or Office The jobsite… that’s where the magic happens

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