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Mateusz Lukasiewicz

  • Digital Projects Manager
  • KEO International Consultants
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Meet Mateusz

Tell me about yourself and what you specialize in. I am a technology enthusiast, results-oriented individual, and data-driven decision maker with B.Sc. in Structural Engineering and M.Sc. in Construction Management and Engineering degrees. I leverage my engineering and management educational background, giga-projects experience, latest technology proficiency, and computer science/programming knowledge to drive innovation and digital advancement in globally renowned organizations. I innovate ways of working by creating custom solutions, automating processes, and improving collaboration to effectively streamline projects delivery.

Why do you love working in the construction industry? Working in the construction industry is a true passion of mine. It provides the satisfaction of seeing tangible, enduring results that leave a lasting impact on society. The industry’s diverse sectors offer a multitude of challenges, necessitating problem-solving skills and the integration of cutting-edge innovation and technology. This dynamic and collaborative environment keeps me engaged and motivated in my work.

What topics and trends are you most passionate about in the industry? I have a strong passion for the growing importance of digital technologies, data, processes automation and optimization, IoT, data science (AI and ML), and robotics in construction industry. I find it fascinating how connected software, devices, machines, and sensors can revolutionize design process, construction sites and built assets, making them more efficient and safer through intelligent decision-making processes, predictive maintenance, and real-time data monitoring.

What advice would you give to the next generation preparing for the future of the industry? The industry’s future holds a wealth of new thrilling opportunities for the next generations. I firmly believe that success will rely on adaptability, flexibility, and an open-minded approach for new technologies and ideas, accompanied by strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as practical expertise in computer and data science.


About Mateusz

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