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Mitigate your project risk with qualified builders.

Find the best subcontractor for every job. TradeTapp analyses, benchmarks and mitigates financial and safety risks to ensure you only work with the most reliable, top-level subcontractors.

Build a qualified network of subcontractors.

Tap into the largest crowdsourced network to qualify subcontractors for the right jobs. Compare their financial health to thousands of others and expand your partnerships with an ever-growing pool of vetted trades.

Screen capture of TradeTapp, a contractor qualification software, to search for subcontractors on the Builder’s Network to prequalify for an upcoming project.

Spend less time analysing possible risks.

Qualify subcontractors faster with automated qualification. Leverage customised questionnaires, limit calculations and financial ratios to get an instant risk analysis and mitigation recommendations.

Three screenshots of Subcontractor qualification software, TradeTapp, features: a list of tasks for Project Assessment, a gauge chart titled 2020 Benchmarking Results demonstrating automated calculations and a sample project with status and metrics. for risk mitigation techniques for proactive prequalification and risk assessment.

Empower estimators with risk analysis.

Automatically share risk information with estimating teams with the BuildingConnected Pro and TradeTapp integration. Collectively, your teams can identify the best subcontractors for each project

Screen capture of a project page that demonstrates Subcontractor qualification and tender management software working together across teams to share information and optimise business processes.

Get on the integrated subcontractor qualification and risk mitigation platform the world’s best builders use.

Discover automated risk mitigation that meets the unique needs of each project.

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Customised Qualification

Customise TradeTapp to support your organisation’s processes with customised questionnaires, internal limits, financial ratio calculations and approval workflows.

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Project specific assessments icon.
Project-Specific Assessments

Enter details for each project to identify specific risks and where additional mitigation tactics are needed.

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Optimised Organisation

Automate invitations, follow-ups and renewal requests to subcontractors and easily organise information as soon as you receive it.

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Financial Integrations

Sync your ERP or accounting systems so that all internal backlogue data flow straight into TradeTapp.

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"We never want to be in a situation where we are working with unqualified subcontractors. Our clients rely on us to pick the right subs for their projects. Early engagement in subcontractor risk assessment is critical to ensuring a successful project for all stakeholders."

- Kyle Nicholson, Director of Preconstruction, John Moriarty & Associates of Virginia

Key Financial & Safety Metrics for Qualification

Accurately evaluating a subcontractor’s health before awarding work has become more important than ever.

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Bid Management and Qualification Drive Success

Passing risk data to internal departments is critical, especially between the risk and estimating functions.