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Maximize your ROI in 2024: The Ultimate Guide for Owners During Preconstruction

Businesses are looking for ways to reduce cost, streamline operations, and continue building compelling products and offerings that their customers love. That’s where your building, specifically how you build, comes into the picture.

Join us live as we explore the role owners should play during the preconstruction stage of their capital project and the long-term benefits of early and continuous involvement.

In this session, we dive into preconstruction for owners, how early involvement reduces risk, ensures on-schedule completion, and ultimately delivers a greater return on investment.

Join us on July 11th and learn:

  • Find out why preconstruction should matter to you as an owner
  • Discover strategies to manage market uncertainties.
  • Gain insights into risk mitigation during the preconstruction phase.
  • Learn from our owner and preconstruction experts on how you could maximize your ROI

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen from Brent and Rachel to understand why preconstruction is the key for project success. Watch today!



Brent Ramos

Sr. Director Technical Solutions, Autodesk

Rachel Trocchi

Technical Solutions Executive, Autodesk

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