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Powerfully Simple Capabilities in Autodesk Construction Cloud

Latest enhancements that are easy to use and implement to deliver successful projects

Construction is a complex endeavor requiring coordination, project management, trade skills, and the right tools at every step. It’s no small feat. At Autodesk, we prioritize simple, intuitive solutions that bring value to all customers. Join this 3-part webinar series to learn about:

  • New powerful releases in Autodesk Build to keep projects on track
  • Creating models construction-ready and accessible
  • How three leading contractors leverage Autodesk Takeoff to increase takeoff accuracy

Powerfully Simple Ways to Keep Projects on Track with the Latest in Autodesk Build

April 16 2024, 4:30pm UTC

Construction projects are unique and complex. Data can be scattered across papers, folders, and devices, with crucial decisions lost in the noise. To keep timelines on track and the projects profitable, you and your teams need quick-to-use platforms and repeatable processes that increase collaboration and accountability.

Join our experts, Alyssa Schear and Kaylyn Hudson, as they explain how you can utilize the new, powerfully simple enhancements released in Autodesk Build to:

  • Streamline project communications through Correspondence
  • Manage specification data quickly
  • Keep asset information consistent
  • Drive project progress with work plans that keep everyone on the same page
  • Simplify progress tracking through model-based visualization

Alyssa Schear

Named Technical Solutions Executive​, Autodesk

Kaylyn Hudson

Territory Technical Solutions Executive, Autodesk

Adam Arcus

Product Marketing Manager​, Autodesk

The Powerfully Simple Navisworks + ACC

April 17 2024, 4:30pm UTC

Remember the days of construction coordination with flat plans and lightboxes? Construction has come a long way. 3D models, pioneered in Navisworks, have emerged as a must have for better decision making in the office and on-site.

Join this free webinar with industry veterans and the minds behind BIM for Construction at Autodesk as we step through this proven playbook for making models construction-ready and accessible to everyone on your team.

This webinar will help you:

  • Unify the project team with evolving models that provide value for the entire team
  • Harness the combined power of Navisworks & ACC to adapt BIM workflows for any project, any phase
  • Go mobile! Explore our new model viewer that tackles massive files on-site
  • Track progress in 3D and make data-driven decisions that keep your project on track. Get to that next level with 3D models and become an indispensable asset to your project team.

Kyle Seyler

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Brett Parker

Product Manager, BIM for Construction, Autodesk

Greg Lowe

VDC Subject Matter Expert, Autodesk

Create Simple but Powerful Conceptual Estimates Using 2D and 3D Takeoff

April 18 2024, 4:30pm UTC

Preconstruction sets the tone for your entire construction project – the foundation upon which successful projects are built. Collaboration, transparency, speed, and accuracy are all vital components during this phase that help you align with the owner’s vision to develop budget, costs, and initial schedules. Performing quantity takeoff is a crucial component during this phase, and speed and accuracy can be the difference between a profitable and nonprofitable project.

Learn how preconstruction and estimating teams at 3 other companies are turning to Autodesk Takeoff—a cloud-based 2D/3D quantification solution—to improve collaboration, increase takeoff accuracy, and reduce takeoff time, ensuring everyone is working off the latest project documents.

Key highlights:
  • Use cases by Windover Construction, Barton Malow, and Huckabee
  • Walkthrough the latest enhancements that enable you to add unit costs to both 2D and 3D takeoff types to generate fast conceptual estimates
  • Demo of key capabilities within Autodesk Takeoff

Emily Edelstone

Technical Solutions Executive, Autodesk

Chico Membreno

Senior Product Manager, Autodesk

Amr Raafat

Chief Innovation Officer, Windover Construction

Jason Seiler

Sr. Business Transformation Manager, Barton Malow

Matthew Perez

Director of Digital Practice, Huckabee

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