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Eyrus combines Workforce Visibility and Field Productivity to provide the ultimate Construction Workforce Solution. With real-time automated data collection, you can streamline workflows, increase collaboration, safety & security, and support compliance using workforce data straight from your site.
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The Integration

Complete your level of construction intelligence with easy access to Eyrus real-time workforce information through the BIM 360 integration. Access current or historical attendance per sub or division, safety features & alerts, workforce reports and data for cross platform comparisons.  

Eyrus provides simple, seamless solutions that enhance workforce insight to support the team in delivering projects on time and on budget.


  • Automatically track the workforce onsite in real time with smart IoT wearables or NFC cards
  • Easily create and share reports for any task using a centralized interactive workforce database
  • Using Axon, subs can submit daily reports, pics and notes and see their own real time attendance
  • Compare your deployment on site to your schedule using the Forecast and see real-time analytics
  • Improve safety onsite with an Interactive Evacuation Report, custom alerts and Mass Text Messaging
  • Improve security with photo IDs that can be used with the Visibility app for site walkthroughs


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