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GreenBadger Integration

Green Badger provides cloud-based automation and compliance solutions for the green construction industry. If we can make the LEED documentation process smoother and easier to manage, more people will be willing and able to pursue certification. Green Badger exists to help make that happen.
Integration forPartner Card
The Integration

Cloud based technology paired with project specific training, LEED tips and tricks, and ongoing project team support. Our cross-platform, cloud-based solution connects your team so everyone has access to real time updates, can document from the field, and automate repetitive, time consuming tasks.

Green Badger is a comprehensive solution for equipping project teams of all levels of experience with the tools they need to document LEED as efficiently as possible.


  • GreenBadger can be embedded as a BIM 360 Partner Home Card
  • Access GreenBadger data via your BIM 360 Project Home
  • View LEED documentation in BIM 360


Technology built byGreenBadger


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