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SymTerra Integration

A communication tool built for on site project teams.
Gain real-time visibility across your projects to minimise risk, increase profitability and maximise growth.
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The Integration

SymTerra’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud helps mitigate the risks posed by consumer messaging apps, allowing the whole supply chain to communicate easily with each other.

A communication tool built for on-site project teams.
Quicker than emails. Better than WhatsApp. Less soul destroying than paper. And you have to trust us when we tell you that it’s much, much more exciting than it sounds. 


  • Less time filling out forms. More time living your life.
  • Custom reporting capabilities linked directly to Microsoft PowerBI or Looker
  • Engineering assurance and commercial defensibility


Technology built bySymTerra


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Quotation mark

“Instead of WhatsApp, we used SymTerra on the Liverpool St Project to obtain live updates from site on over 500 planned activities during our critical 10-day Easter blockade to update the hour-by-hour programme in real-time, identify any change and re-sequence works.”

- Matthew Stimson, Project Manager, MTR

“With previous systems, we took photos on one platform and allocated the activity to the engineer on another for comments from site. With SymTerra, all info/photos are in one place to view/document making data sharing simple without having to transfer from multiple systems.”

- Joe Taylor, Lanes Group

"The construction teams at Blue Sky Building use SymTerra because it provides an excellent way to report and communicate on site.The management team like SymTerra because it frees up project staff and gets boots on the ground rather than being in the site office completing daily paperwork."

- James Daniel, Blue Sky Building