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Touchplan is well established in the construction industry as the technology services group of MOCA Systems. MOCA Systems is a full service owner’s representative and software development firm for the design and construction industries.
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Touchplan® is a proven web-based tool that accelerates projects and
drives efficiency through informed and collaborative decision-making.

Touchplan is used on projects of all sizes - from less than $1 million
to over $1 billion in construction value.


  • Touchplan faciliates communication across project teams by enabling collaborative planning
  • based on the master schedule to build accurate lookahead schedules and daily activities.
  • Track and analyze real-time project health, risk and performance in your Project Home Dashboard


Technology built byTouchplan


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"Our Updates are now faster and more realistic, we were able to complete 100% of our projects on time this year [2020]."

- Layne Hess, Director, Jacobsen

"A huge benefit of Touchplan is the ability for tradesmen to quickly learn how to use it.  Field crews for us immediately start owning their plan information and helping populate content.  This is an invaluable progression and naturally leads to, at minimum, a more cohesive team." 

- Eldon Parry, SPM, Apollo Mechanical

"[Touchplan] held people acountable to the promises that were being made throughout the project" 

- Mike Walsh, VP, Bond Brothers