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viAct aims to monitor a construction project from its first brick to the last breath, has developed various AIoT solution to bring automation in monitoring safety, productivity & maintenance. We power any existing job-site camera with scenario-based AI technology to capture various non-compliances.
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The Integration

viAct's dashboard configures issue type & subtype into Autodesk, which could be viewed from the dashboard itself. For Forge Viewer user could upload a 3D model to view their construction site. Apart from this, it helps in the addition of 3D camera object attached to a different area of the model. 

Forge viewer allows users to upload 3D models to viAct's dashboard which in turn allows them to add 3D cameras onto their construction site for a better overview of camera location. viAct can also be added to customers' Project Home dashboards


  • Upload 3D model to Forge Viewer
  • Add 3D camera object into 3D model
  • Monitor productivity and site safety directly within Autodesk Construction Cloud


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Autodesk’s Forge platform extended a better understanding of the site and helped us to integrate AI alert system with cameras on the 3D plan. It has increased the effectivity of our solution by enabling the instant alerts for clients so that they can even keep a track of site locations located at different levels.

- Gary Ng, CEO & Co-founder, viAct

Autodesk’s Forge Viewer is an upgradation of our existing platform. With its multiple resources for extendibility, we could customise different features. For instance, our dashboard could add an object (as a camera) onto the 3D plane as an indicator for its x-y z coordinates. By clicking onto the camera icon, client is now able to see a photo, a video or even a live streaming of the CCTV.

- Benson Ng, Product Manager, viAct