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Schedule Management

Keep projects on track with connected and centralised schedule management

Gain real-time visibility into project schedules by centralising schedules in the cloud, allowing teams to collaborate, connect and interface with the most up-to-date information.

Real-time access to the latest schedule information

Improve collaboration and increase transparency by centralising all schedule information on a single cloud-based platform. When teams rely heavily on paper printouts and static PDFs, miscommunication and misalignment around schedules often result. With a centralised schedule ecosystem, project team members have access to the latest schedule information. With robust permission controls, you can ensure the right information stays in the right hands.

Construction Project Management Software for Construction RFIs

Connected and Integrated Workflows

Improve communication across team members to avoid unexpected schedule delays by managing all schedule activities in the cloud. Comment on specific activities to update teams, tag key stakeholders or suggest schedule updates back at the office. Choose between Gantt or list view to visualise tasks, milestones and dependencies. Project teams can seamlessly link references such as Photos, Files, Sheets, Assets, Issues and Cost items to an activity in the schedule, providing the necessary context to make data-driven decisions.

Construction Project Management Software for Construction RFIs

Access information anytime, anywhere.

Instantly share the digital schedule with field teams for real-time updates instead of using clunky PDFs that become outdated. Construction schedules are made up of thousands of activities and, as a result, sifting through print-outs on a job site is a tedious, labour-intensive task. With a digitised schedule at their fingertips, your field team can quickly search and filter through thousands of activities to locate desired items, all from the ease of their mobile device. Through active commenting on the schedule, teams can more tightly connect the field to the office and thus improve collaboration and accountability.

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Connect Schedule to Cost

In construction, the close connection between cost and time means they significantly impact each other. Leverage the integration with Cost Management to connect the project schedule to the project budget. By bringing schedule data directly into the Cost Management tool in Autodesk Build, project teams can link budget items to schedule tasks and better visualise cost spending based on timelines.

Construction Project Management Software for construction meeting minutes

Connected schedule workflows improve collaboration and increase access to critical information.

Keep projects on track by managing schedule activities in the same software used for project management and field activities – streamlining workflows and connecting data.

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