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Model Conditioning

BIM data and model conditioning made easy.

BIM data helps contractors manage costs, minimise risk and improve quality and overall project efficiency. Conditioning and leveraging the ‘I’ in BIM is crucial to success.

Organise BIM data with flexibility.

Categorise model data by work breakdown structure, tender package or assembly type. Increase project insights by grouping and filtering the model data. The BIM/VDC team can also empower all stakeholders – regardless of BIM experience – to access, analyse and share BIM data for improved project outcomes.

Screen showing how BIM Model Data can be organised

Make construction-ready models.

Append construction data to the model to classify and organise project data. User-defined properties can be added to the model without the need to create parameters in Revit. Assemble allows teams to easily add information, such as the Activity ID, Tender Package, Cost Code, Location, Zone/Area or installation status, to enable multiple downstream workflows.

Showing difference between Design model and Construction Model

Enable work-in-place tracking.

By making conditioned models accessible through the Cloud and simple to understand and use, BIM/VDC teams can organise models around relevant data and share a view that has been pre-filtered for daily needs to engage the site team. Assemble lets site teams select model objects and update installation statuses. Connecting these statuses to model objects provides a visually rich progress report of completed work that is directly tied to the project quantities.

construction worker updating status of a duct on mobile device

Enable schedule management.

Connect the construction schedule to the conditioned BIM model to track activities out on site by start and finish dates. Improve project controls and outcomes by creating fully interactive customisable reports and dashboards that drill down into the project data.

Data showing schedule management reports

Connect workflows from design to turnover with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Stay in control of your project’s life cycle and deliver on time and within budget.

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Automate Model Coordination

Publish and aggregate all multi-discipline models in a single folder to enable automated clash detection.

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Integrate 2D and 3D Takeoffs

Teams can perform 2D takeoff and generate 3D quantities from the model, all in one solution.

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Manage Projects From the Site

Ensure the project stays on track, improve collaboration and reduce miscommunication, errors and rework.

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"Instead of spending eight hours a week on Earned Value Tracking, we’ve lowered that to four hours. In addition to a 50% time-savings, Assemble has increased data quality by eliminating redundancies in tracking. We used to say that an earned value was within 10%, but now we can say it is within 3%."

- Spencer Hobson, Senior Project Engineer at McKinstry

Find out how easily BIM Data can be conditioned and 3D models can be leveraged using Assemble.

Tips for Moving from 2D to 3D Workflows

Get proven strategies to unlock the full benefits of BIM for quantity takeoffs, model conditioning & more.

McKinstry Experiences 50% Time Savings

Using Assemble for earned value tracking, McKinstry automated their process and experienced a time savings of 50%.

How Joeris Proactively Informs and Influences the Design Process

With Assemble, Joeris identified construction gaps and challenges earlier in the preconstruction process, increasing collaboration and shortening timelines.